Comfortable living

Wake up pleasantly

Blinds will gradually rise letting more light in. Delicate music will substitute for the nuisance of an alarm clock. You will transition to the usual activities of the day in the most fluent and natural manner.

Energy at work

Warmer in the living room and in the kitchen, colder in the bedroom. All heating sources alongside ventillation, air conditioning and heat recovery system coordinated for maximum efficiency. Add your solar panels into the mix to squeeze the last drop out of them!

Perfect morning

Cannot imagine a day without your morning coffee? Or maybe do you prefer a glass of freshly pressed orange juice? Thanks to Hiro Q one may already be waiting for you when you come down for breakfast.

The highest level of home security

By the touch of one button the whole house can go into lockdown. Blinds and the water valves will be shut, electric power cut off where unnecessary and the security system will switch into the mode of vigilance. All for you to put your mind at ease.

An ever watchful eye

Keep your ear to the ground even when not at home. Video feed from all of the cameras in the system is available to you 24/7. System will let you know if you forget to activate the alarm, and propose to do that for you.

Automated garden

Appropriately constructed schedule will allow for your plants to be watered, when you are away – exactly when they will need it. Also, if it starts raining, system will automatically skip the watering cycle.

Smart cooking

You could pre-heat your oven remotely, turning it on in an app. Your smart fridge can also notify you if you will need to go grocery shopping.

relaxation for body and mind alike

A hot bubble bath will be waiting for you when you return home, and soothing music will let you loosen up. When you leave, the bathroom lights will automatically switch off and the music will continue in the next room you enter.

Invite your friends

Turn your living room into a nightclub with a push of a button! High fidelity audio system will get the party started, and when the things get too heated air conditioning will kick in.

Do not just live in your home, experience it

If you prefer to spend the evening with a captivating movie we have got just the thing for you. Television set surfacing from the ceiling and speakers built into walls will allow you to always have a home cinema within your reach – exactly when you need it.

Enjoy your comfort – day and night

Sleep tight. Meanwhile your house will automatically switch to night mode – shutting the blinds, adjusting the lights and (if you want to) automatically activating given zones of the alarm system.