KNX Thermostat +RGB

9025 series thermostat is a KNX room temperature controller

  • 7 configurable capacitive buttons for on / off, dimming, rolling shutters and venetian controls, scene recall and control, object sequences
  • 2 stage thermostat with integrated PI controller to control heating and cooling equipments, valves and fan coils
  • embedded temperature sensor and a rear 2 poles connector, configurable as digital or analog input
  • RGB led bar on the front side visualizing thermostat operating modes or feedbacks
  • Mounted into a 2-module electric box
  • available for HOTEL or RESIDENTIAL applications
  • CUSTOM version allows to put icons on the front panel

Producer information

Eelectron is a company that develops and produces KNX devices and software. Thanks to 13 years of expierience in KNX home automation, the company has become a strong presence in the market with innovation and impeccable design as its hallmarks.
Development and production is located entirely in Italy, which asserts the highest quality of products.