Wireless system central module

Manages information, logic processes and communication between IOM modules by wired serial bus. CLU serves as a core module of every Grenton system.
  • stores configuration of the whole system and individual devices alike
  • manages all the computing
  • in-built switch and 2 RJ45 sockets
  • manages up to 48 modules (or 128 INs/OUTs) on the system bus
  • fulfills the cloud computing funcionality
  • enables an internet connection
  • stores saved scripts/scenarios
  • enables creation of CLU virtual objects (timers, calendars, schedules, PID regulators etc.)
  • Manages wire devices, and Z-Wave protocol wireless devices alike

Producer information

Grenton offers usual functionality of an automation system, but does so in a new, unique way. Fully object-oriented structure means that functions, which were once difficult or plain impossible to program are simple and intuitive in Grenton system.