Sockets and switches

Highest quality and unique design – those are the hallmarks of electric equipment by Vimar. Broad variety of materials used allows uninhibited choices for your interiors.


Seamless speakers

High fidelity audio set – stealthily hidden in plain sight – meaning built into the walls or ceiling will place your home cinema in another dimension of sound quality.


Stairway lighting

Step-by-step stairway lighting makes a connection between functionality and usability. It will automatically light up the stairs, one by one, as you walk them and fade to black soon after.

Touch panels

More options in exquisite style – touch panels encapsulate broad functions of home automation system in a compact, approachable form not forgetting about design.

Tablet docking stations

Utilise the power of your device! Docking a tablet in a wall-mounted station creates a command center for your home.



A material unique in its nature – LitraCon creates unprecedented possibilities – translucent walls and exceptional light decorations. Applications are limited only by imagination.